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Henna Tattoo and Jewelry
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We put a lot of care into what we curate, and are proud that people are taking notice. Our subscription boxes have received many awards for their high quality and have been featured many times in the media. Learn more below.

Client 4


Product Innovator

When we were nominated for this award we could hardly contain our excitement. Being included in this magazine’s list of winners is one of the most prestigious achievements in our industry today.

Client 1


Lifestyle Awards Winner

It is an incredible honor to be named the Lifestyle Awards Winner by this reputable publication. We have been following their work for years, and know that they feature only the best products and brands. We are so happy to be included.

Client 7


Best New Product Award Winner

This website is the first one everyone goes to when they want to know about the hottest new must-try items. It feels amazing to have our hard work and effort be recognized in this way and to be named its Best New Product Award Winner.

Henna Tattoo and Jewelry

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